Installation and Updates

The electrical requirements of today’s homes continue to rise as technology rapidly advances. Is your home keeping up with the times? Advances in efficiency and technology are resulting in electronics that are far more user-friendly and customizable, with the added benefits of being environmentally friendly and more cost-effective to operate than their predecessors. This ever-evolving technology also taxes the aging electrical systems of many of today’s homes, dramatically increasing the necessary standards of household power from 60 amps and 12 circuits just 30 years ago, to as many as 200 amps and 40 circuits today.

Home Electrical Improvements

From conserving energy and saving you money on monthly utilities, to improving the safety and security of your home, learn more about how home electrical improvements from BC HighLight Electric can add value and status to your home, from custom lighting design to electrical panel upgrades, electric vehicle/hybrid charging stations, and more.

Home Electrical Safety and Security

Don’t let hidden home wiring issues put your family and home at risk of electrocution and fire. BC HighLight Electric offers complimentary home electrical wiring safety checkups, and our professionals have the knowledge and expertise necessary to quickly and safely address your home’s electrical safety and security needs.

Home Energy Savings

Home energy savings is not only good for your wallet, but good for the environment as well. From energy audits to solar solutions, efficient lighting options, and ENERGY STAR appliances, learn more about how BC HighLight Electric can help you conserve energy in your home.

Specialty Home and Outdoor Lighting

BC HighLight Electric offers customized solutions for your home’s interior and exterior lighting needs. From task lighting and ambiance to safety and security, energy savings, and convenient wireless lighting solutions, we’ve got you covered.

Know When to Update Your Electrical System

Loaded with items from high-tech appliances and communication devices to gigantic entertainment systems, home automation, and more, homes as young as 10 years old can benefit from electrical upgrades. Even today’s energy-efficient air conditioners put more strain on electrical panels today than in past years. Are you plugging valuable electronics and appliances into panels that may not be able to safely serve and protect them?

Updating Adds Value

From the convenience of not having to deal with repeatedly tripped circuit breakers and worn out appliances to avoiding fire and electrical safety hazards, upgrading wiring and appliances offers a great deal of value. Value that keeps on giving in the form of lower utilities, protecting the environment, and maintaining the worth of your home. In fact, the addition of energy saving appliances and adding heavier duty electrical and data communication wiring for today’s devices can even increase the value of your home. It is such a growing value to homeowners today that nearly 50 percent of new homes built in 2008 included upgraded wiring, and 94 percent of today’s home buyers place energy efficient appliances high on their want-list.

Problem-free, Professional Installation

Don’t risk the value and safety of your home to just anyone. Electrical work requires extensive knowledge, training, and experience. The licensed, professional electricians at BC HighLight Electric® perform work that is guaranteed, certified, and completely up to code, in compliance with strict federal, state, and local codes in your area.:

Contact BC HighLight Electric today. Whether your needs are common or complicated, you can trust in the experts at BC HighLight Electric to handle all of your installation and upgrade needs.

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